Dr. Shen is a seasoned Clinical Psychologist who obtained his Doctorate Degree in Clinical Psychology from Simon Fraser University in Canada. He has over 30 years of clinical experience providing diagnostic assessment, psychological counselling, and in-depth psychotherapy in Hong Kong and in Canada. Having practised in both places and being a Chinese-Canadian himself, Dr. Shen is particularly sensitive to cultural issues and fully appreciates how one’s upbringing impacts the person’s functioning in the modern multicultural society. In 2010, due to family reasons, Dr. Shen relocated to Hong Kong and continued his practice there. After having been away for 9 years, Dr. Shen is now back in Vancouver and has resumed his practice in the City of Richmond.

Dr. Shen conducts his therapy with a psychodynamic approach, focusing on previous unresolved emotional issues that are affecting current functioning at work and in relationships. Dr. Shen also has a background in Traditional Chinese Medicine and he is an advocate of holistic health. He is trained in various modalities of Energy Therapy and uses them as aids to rapidly alleviate emotional distress.  

Dr. Shen offers his services in English, Cantonese, and Mandarin.