Dr. Shen performs psychological assessment for children and teenagers on their cognitive abilities including intelligence, memory, visuo-spatial skills, and academic achievements. These data are important in diagnosing intellectual deficits and giftedness, learning challenges, and educational problems in students. In addition, Dr. Shen provides assessment on the emotional functioning of children and teenagers to identify possible causes of behavioural issues or early psychopathologies.

Dr. Shen provides psychological treatment to adolescents and adults on an individual basis. He specializes in Psychodynamic Psychotherapy, which addresses unconscious motivations that counteract one’s desire to lead healthy lives, work efficiently, and enjoy satisfactory relationships. Therapy involves helping the client identify patterns of relating that were established in childhood that he/she has been repeating unconsciously, leading to dissatisfactory work life and relationships, and even ill health. The focus of therapy is on exploring one’s emotions and how they are assigned various meanings because of prior childhood experiences.  

When appropriate, Dr. Shen also provides Energy Therapy for quick relief of emotional distress. This new therapy focuses on the energy aspect of an emotional problem and its resolution through making use of ancient wisdom that offers a holistic view of our physical-emotional-spiritual existence.

Dr. Shen provides training in the following formats:

  1. Seminar: This 2-3 hour experience provides participants an overview of selected topics such as Overview of Freudian Theory, Introduction to Transference and Counter-transference, Introduction to Energy Therapy Methods etc.
  2. Two-day Workshop: This format allows participants to acquire deeper understanding on topics such as Basic Freudian Theory, Psychodynamic Psychotherapy, etc.. In the case of Energy Therapy, it allows participants to master the skills of Energy Diagnostic and Treatment Method®. Dr. Shen also teaches First and Third Phase Magnified Healing® to people who are interested.
  3. Study Group: This consists of a small group of participants (3-6) with dedicated interest in Psychodynamic Psychotherapy that meets on a regular basis to carry out in-depth discussions on selected topics.
  4. Individual Supervision: This format allows professionals to receive one-on-one clinical supervision on psychodynamic treatment.